The Direction and Evolution of Technology

Evolution is the change of life and lives over time. The only constant that has stayed the same is that we we all do die. The difference now is that instead of smashing flint for fire, we just turn the stove on. Instead of stalking and killing our dinner, we now drive to the local fast food restaurant. This is how our lives have evolved over the past 100-200 years. This was a slow evolution.

Now enter the internet. The internet is still relatively new (less then 20 years old) and it has spawned and fueled new innovations leading to an evolution in our lives. The sharing of data on a global scale has meant that the best and brightest minds of our world have to offer can now share ideas and solutions very easily. The most obvious improvement in the past five years has been the phone. As a society we've gone from having a one phone home line which was busy half the time, to a mobile smart phone with built-in computer, GPS, games, camera and many other useful things owned by each individual in the house.

This growth in the phone industry has spawned similar ideas in making smart devices, meaning devices with built-in computers. Smart refrigerators have been introduced, as well as smart cars. Robotic vacuums with on-board computers have also been introduced and have gained popularity slowly. Society is trending towards convenience and gadgetry. Gadgets like the robotic vacuum add a "cool" factor as well as perform a useful function are the wave of the future. It will not be long before every household will have a smart refrigerator, a smart car and a robot vacuum cleaner.

The next step in the evolution process will be made with more advanced and smaller computers. More smart devices will be introduced, while existing devices will be made even more powerful and more useful. The technological evolution of the past five years was probably unfathomable ten years ago. Now, it's really hard to even imagine what our lives will be like. Nobody would have ever predicted the amount of impact phones would make to our daily lives, let alone imagine all the amazing things they are now capable of doing. Who's to say or even guess what the next great game-changer will be.

In closing, the technological wonders that we take for granted today will always pale in comparison to what we may see in a year or two from now. Case in point, the amazing iPhone 1 vs today's iPhone 5. This is a scary but fun thought.