MW3 Strategy Guides – Tips And Tricks For MW3

MW3 is the latest Call of Duty game to hit the shelves for PS3 and Xbox 360. Shortly after it was released we started to see quite a few MW3 strategy guides being released as well. Most of these guides make the claim that you will become a pro MW3 player literally overnight, however only a select few of them actually deliver on that promise. In this article I will discuss some of the major things to look for when obtaining a strategy guide for MW3, as well, you will learn some of my favorite tips and tricks.

One of the major things you should look for in a strategy guide is whether or not the guide is constantly updated with the latest secrets available. Who wants to get a guide that is out of date or that reveals tips and tricks that everyone already knows about? Not me that's for sure. When I went looking for a MW3 guide the first guide I obtained was pretty good, it revealed to me some of the things that I had been missing in my game play and allowed me to be a better player as it stated. However, there was one major thing I noticed, everyone else already knew most of the strategies shown in the guide. This rendered the guide all but useless in my eyes as I was battling other players, even my own teams at times for the best positions and spots on the map.

So I kept searching for other guides that were out there, then I stumbled upon what I considered the holy grail of MW3 guides. It was not only shown me awesome tips, but it was also being updated daily showing the latest secret finds in the game and things most players did not even know existed in the game. The strategies were top notch and the support was second to none, I had finally found what I had been looking for and it did not take long for my friends to notice my awesome kill / death ratio. They were begging me to show them what I knew and how I was staying alive so long to rack up all of the kills I was getting.

I told them that anyone can do it, and I pointed them in the direction of the guide I was using. Now a month later, when we play a map, we win 90% of the time because we have access to some of the best tips available. So I decided to help others that may be in the same situation I was in. I realized that almost everyone playing the game wished that they had a source of information that would allow them to dominate MW3, because we all know winning is a lot more fun then losing.